Sunday, November 14, 2010

I was thinking Tom like 'Tom Riddle' what were you thinking? Myspace Tom?..."yes..."

I'm really happy right now. Like, you can't even imagine. It feels so good to feel really, truely happy. I want this to last. This feeling of bliss is absolutely...well, bliss.
My mom's happy, I'm happy with Daylon and I'm happy with my mom and my family.
I ate SmashBurger for the first time today. YUM? Abspolutely! Then me and Daylon went to PetCo and I annoyed the HELL out of this cat. He was pretty pissed. And we found an awesome betta and bought him a tank and some little decorations. We spent so long trying to think up a complicated evil name and ended up with Dragon. Fits him, I think.

I'm now going to curl up in my bed and finish my book (:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Wednesday, November 10th, two-zero-uno-zero.
Well, eff. I hate B days with a flmaing, firey passion. Bleck.
I have Health- easy.
PAP English 2-did nothing today.
PAP Geometry-efffffffff.
Art 1- painting :D
Spanish 2-slept. Oh, and my best friend Taylor was not present today. Boo. If she is not in Chem tomorrow morning-I'm screwed.
Alright, I also had drivers ed for 2 friggin hours after school. Omg talk about wanna blow my brains out. We sit in a class room for an hour an a half and the teacher reads from the book. And the room is a history room so you can feel the boring vibes leaking from the walls. The closer it gets to 4:50 the antsier we get. breaks coming up. We quit listening, write an occaisonal side note, watch the clock. But once it's closer to 5:30 everyone starts moving around and clicking their pens, popping their gum. And I mean, Holy God when is the clock going to speed things up? I have it again tomorrow and Friday.
Balls. It's only Thursday?
I drank a diet coke tonight. I might slap myself. I haven't had a single drop of soda in a month until now. It didn't taste that good. :/
I had a good night with Daylon. I enjoy being my weird self with him. I'm tired and need to study for the two tests I have tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Follow the yellow brick road.

So Monady was...well, Monday. Slow and long. Dragging on and on and on and on...and on. Skipped art and spanish 2 and got to see Hallsvilles Grease preformance. Not too bad, pretty good actually. Saw Daylon and I've never been happier with anyone else. He's just what I need. I wouldn't trade him for anything there is.
Now Tuesday dragged on almost as bad as a Monday. Maybe it's because I'm stuck in this place called Hallsville High. It sucks and I'm so ready to leave it's ridiculous. I have maybe 6 friends. And if you take out the heartlights it's maybe 2 or 3. Taylor Burton most def makes my days brighter with her loudness. Maybe that's why I feel like lunch sucked...she hardly spoke :(
I miss Tatum. No one understands how much. I miss band and my friends and now that OAP has come along...I have nothing to try for. My baritone is just sitting in Tatums band hall. Gathering dust. I haven't played since July. And from what I've seen, Densmore really needs to come back.
Last year One Act was the best thing that happened to me. It picked me up when I was down and I always had so much fun on stage.
Also, I haven't modeled in so long. Modeling withdrawls are horrid and unbareable. And at this moment there is a boy band doing a remake of Katy Perry's horrible song 'Teenage Dream' and I want to blow my brains out.
So on that note, Wednesday looks as it will be as long as Monday and Tuesday have been.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Hook, Line, And Sinker.

She used to have dreams and she used to see
things right in front of her but she got
lost in the crowd and now she's been
blinded by the doubt and all the hopes that she's
crushing with every pill that she's taking
every drink that's been making
her sleep at night.
She wears smiles but they're fading
she's looking in every direction
for someone to love her
and tell her she's amazing.
She's amazing.
Every boy's got a story;
made it up for her the night before.
She's buying excuses from the store
straight off the shelf.
She say's I know nothing
I don't know where she's coming from
But I know where you came from
don't like where you're going.
I feel this growing deep in my chest
I don't see your eyes, they blend with the rest.
The worlds given up and left her to ponder about
how she's a goner and this life that she's living.
She's let it all go now, no hope for the lost
but I left the light in the dark for when you come home. To help you see that you're not alone.
I've got my hand out to help you
but she threw it away.
She may not want the light...
but I'll keep it on anyway...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Madness? This. Is. SPARTA!

Now that I go to Hallsville, I realize how grade hungry, friend hungry, get-me-the-hell-out of here hungry we are. The majority of us doing whatever it takes to get that extra point to put us passing or at the highest possible grade. Trying new things- good or bad- just to fit in. So ready to get out, to fly so far from this place we think is Hell. When do we actually have time to stop and think about tomorrow if it doesn't involve a test, homework being due, football games you may not preform in?
"live for today, plan for tomorrow."
The living for the day part in simple, but how complex is that 6 word phrase? Sometimes I think that we are constantly planning for tomorrow. Or maybe that's just me. I'm doing what I have to do for today, the work and the papers the teachers slide onto the brownish gray confinement cell for that hour and thirty minutes. Trying your hardest not to let other things get you off track...let your mind d r i f t
to places far away from formulas, chemical compounds, sentence structures and dates, names, wars. Essays and homework and quizzes, and testtesttesttest.
When does the grade hungry, extra-credit grubber, procrastinator teens go to money hungry, promotion begging, ass-kissing-24/7 start? Does it happen right out of high school? Does the change happen quick? Painless shedding of your scales? Or painful tearing skin right off bone? Swift and unfeeling or slow and unbearable? When do we actually go through the transition from teens to adults?
You know the answer?
Eeeeh wrong. You may be CONSIDERED and adult at eighTEEN but you are still a TEEN.
So when, 20? 21?
what about 30?
What about...never?

Burning Bridges Is Inevitable.

The title actually has nothing to do with what I may blog about.
In fact, most of them won't. So, with that aside, let's start off with introductions. Shall we?
As you may know, I'm Summer Rain. I've never blogged in my life, but maybe it will be fun. Something to do. Some place to write without harboring thousands of journals.
What to start with...
Well, today is my boyfriends 18th birthday. He wanted to get his industrial pierced. I wasn't too fond of the idea. But, hey, it's his birthday. So, I go in the room with him and listen to the pop of his cartilage as the needle goes through and I swear I got lightheaded instantly. And I wasn't even the one with the needle in my ear! I love piercings and tattoos but the needle thing is a slight problem.
I don't know what it is but I hate needles with a firey passion. I have ever since I was a kid. Just the thought of them inserting into my skin, my bloodstream, my body....*shivers...violently*
After he gets the piercing down and we stroll down the mall and go to Spencers to look at barbells and this light above is flickering spasmotically. Don't you hate that? I feel like I'm going to start seizing at any moment and I don't even have epilepsey!
I've kind of gone on a little too far but it's nice to semi-record my thoughts. They just get so jumbled in my own head, you know how it is :P