Thursday, November 4, 2010

Madness? This. Is. SPARTA!

Now that I go to Hallsville, I realize how grade hungry, friend hungry, get-me-the-hell-out of here hungry we are. The majority of us doing whatever it takes to get that extra point to put us passing or at the highest possible grade. Trying new things- good or bad- just to fit in. So ready to get out, to fly so far from this place we think is Hell. When do we actually have time to stop and think about tomorrow if it doesn't involve a test, homework being due, football games you may not preform in?
"live for today, plan for tomorrow."
The living for the day part in simple, but how complex is that 6 word phrase? Sometimes I think that we are constantly planning for tomorrow. Or maybe that's just me. I'm doing what I have to do for today, the work and the papers the teachers slide onto the brownish gray confinement cell for that hour and thirty minutes. Trying your hardest not to let other things get you off track...let your mind d r i f t
to places far away from formulas, chemical compounds, sentence structures and dates, names, wars. Essays and homework and quizzes, and testtesttesttest.
When does the grade hungry, extra-credit grubber, procrastinator teens go to money hungry, promotion begging, ass-kissing-24/7 start? Does it happen right out of high school? Does the change happen quick? Painless shedding of your scales? Or painful tearing skin right off bone? Swift and unfeeling or slow and unbearable? When do we actually go through the transition from teens to adults?
You know the answer?
Eeeeh wrong. You may be CONSIDERED and adult at eighTEEN but you are still a TEEN.
So when, 20? 21?
what about 30?
What about...never?

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