Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Wednesday, November 10th, two-zero-uno-zero.
Well, eff. I hate B days with a flmaing, firey passion. Bleck.
I have Health- easy.
PAP English 2-did nothing today.
PAP Geometry-efffffffff.
Art 1- painting :D
Spanish 2-slept. Oh, and my best friend Taylor was not present today. Boo. If she is not in Chem tomorrow morning-I'm screwed.
Alright, I also had drivers ed for 2 friggin hours after school. Omg talk about wanna blow my brains out. We sit in a class room for an hour an a half and the teacher reads from the book. And the room is a history room so you can feel the boring vibes leaking from the walls. The closer it gets to 4:50 the antsier we get. breaks coming up. We quit listening, write an occaisonal side note, watch the clock. But once it's closer to 5:30 everyone starts moving around and clicking their pens, popping their gum. And I mean, Holy God when is the clock going to speed things up? I have it again tomorrow and Friday.
Balls. It's only Thursday?
I drank a diet coke tonight. I might slap myself. I haven't had a single drop of soda in a month until now. It didn't taste that good. :/
I had a good night with Daylon. I enjoy being my weird self with him. I'm tired and need to study for the two tests I have tomorrow.

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