Sunday, November 14, 2010

I was thinking Tom like 'Tom Riddle' what were you thinking? Myspace Tom?..."yes..."

I'm really happy right now. Like, you can't even imagine. It feels so good to feel really, truely happy. I want this to last. This feeling of bliss is absolutely...well, bliss.
My mom's happy, I'm happy with Daylon and I'm happy with my mom and my family.
I ate SmashBurger for the first time today. YUM? Abspolutely! Then me and Daylon went to PetCo and I annoyed the HELL out of this cat. He was pretty pissed. And we found an awesome betta and bought him a tank and some little decorations. We spent so long trying to think up a complicated evil name and ended up with Dragon. Fits him, I think.

I'm now going to curl up in my bed and finish my book (:

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