Friday, November 5, 2010

Hook, Line, And Sinker.

She used to have dreams and she used to see
things right in front of her but she got
lost in the crowd and now she's been
blinded by the doubt and all the hopes that she's
crushing with every pill that she's taking
every drink that's been making
her sleep at night.
She wears smiles but they're fading
she's looking in every direction
for someone to love her
and tell her she's amazing.
She's amazing.
Every boy's got a story;
made it up for her the night before.
She's buying excuses from the store
straight off the shelf.
She say's I know nothing
I don't know where she's coming from
But I know where you came from
don't like where you're going.
I feel this growing deep in my chest
I don't see your eyes, they blend with the rest.
The worlds given up and left her to ponder about
how she's a goner and this life that she's living.
She's let it all go now, no hope for the lost
but I left the light in the dark for when you come home. To help you see that you're not alone.
I've got my hand out to help you
but she threw it away.
She may not want the light...
but I'll keep it on anyway...

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