Thursday, November 4, 2010

Burning Bridges Is Inevitable.

The title actually has nothing to do with what I may blog about.
In fact, most of them won't. So, with that aside, let's start off with introductions. Shall we?
As you may know, I'm Summer Rain. I've never blogged in my life, but maybe it will be fun. Something to do. Some place to write without harboring thousands of journals.
What to start with...
Well, today is my boyfriends 18th birthday. He wanted to get his industrial pierced. I wasn't too fond of the idea. But, hey, it's his birthday. So, I go in the room with him and listen to the pop of his cartilage as the needle goes through and I swear I got lightheaded instantly. And I wasn't even the one with the needle in my ear! I love piercings and tattoos but the needle thing is a slight problem.
I don't know what it is but I hate needles with a firey passion. I have ever since I was a kid. Just the thought of them inserting into my skin, my bloodstream, my body....*shivers...violently*
After he gets the piercing down and we stroll down the mall and go to Spencers to look at barbells and this light above is flickering spasmotically. Don't you hate that? I feel like I'm going to start seizing at any moment and I don't even have epilepsey!
I've kind of gone on a little too far but it's nice to semi-record my thoughts. They just get so jumbled in my own head, you know how it is :P

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